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The Challenge of Europe and the objectives of the new European parliament

The newly appointed European Parliament’s Commission sets forth ambitious objectives aimed at addressing both economic and social development challenges across the EU. This article delves into the specifics of their proposed models and the hurdles they aim to overcome.

The Sale of Electric Cars is decreasing

Amidst rising environmental awareness and technological advancement, the decline in electric vehicle (EV) sales and the looming battery crisis come as a surprise. This article delves into the multifaceted reasons behind this slowdown, exploring supply chain disruptions, economic factors, and technological hurdles.

The Decline of Oil Consumption in China: Causes and Global Implications

This article explores the significant decrease in oil consumption in China, analyzing the reasons behind this trend and its effects on the global oil market.

The Rise of Green Hydrogen: Revolutionizing Industry and Transport

Green hydrogen is positioned as a cornerstone for sustainable industrial and transport sectors, fueling not just innovations but also offering a greener alternative to traditional energy sources. This article explores the advantages and challenges of green hydrogen, alongside the global leaders in its production.

Mortgages with customized spreads

Exploring custom spread mortgages, this article discusses who benefits the most from these tailored agreements and outlines the eligibility criteria required to qualify for these potentially favorable borrowing terms.

Aftermath of French Elections: Impact on Stock Markets and Key Sectors

The recent French elections have triggered notable fluctuations in the stock markets, impacting key sectors significantly. This article delves into the sectors most affected by the electoral results and explores the broader implications on global markets.

EU’s Regulation on AI Use

The EU recently proposed a new regulation to govern the use of artificial intelligence, aiming to balance innovation and privacy. This regulation could set a global benchmark, even as it faces both acclaim and criticism.

Italy’s ‘Salva Casa 2024’ Decree: Amendments and his Impact on Housing

The recent amendments to the ‘Salva Casa 2024’ decree by the Italian government present significant changes aimed at addressing housing issues in Italy. We explore the advantages, merits, and potential shortcomings of these revisions and their broader implications on the construction industry and homeowners.

Why Markets Are Betting on Trump’s Second Term

Financial markets are speculating on the potential return of Donald Trump to the presidency. This article explores the reasons behind this trend, and examines the possible advantages and disadvantages for the markets in the event of Trump’s re-election.